The Spice of Life started supplying Easy Peasy Curry packs via the internet back in 1996. Launched by Pauline Walsh who created all the recipes by a painstaking process of trial and error to get the spice levels, taste and authenticity just right.

Early in 2010, two extremely satisfied and long-standing users of the Spice of Life’s Easy Peasy Curry  packs received a distressing email…

Pauline had decided to move to warmer climes and close the business!!

Clearly, something had to be done.  After all…

Friday Night is Curry Night

and we certainly weren’t ready for that tradition to change.  You could say:

I tried to make cooking a curry as easy as possible so I created a range of curry blends for you to replicate your Indian restaurant favourite. Although there is a plethora of bottled and canned cook-in-sauces on the market they tend to be mixed with preservatives and food colourings.”
Pauline Walsh, Founder/Creator (pictured)

We enjoyed Easy Peasy Curry so much, we bought the company!
We both love curry & we love to cook authentic indian curry & Thai curry, provided it is easy but authentic.

We originally met in Aberdeen almost 30 years ago (although you’d never think it to look at us!) and we’ve been the best of friends ever since. Maggie now lives in Inverness and is happily single whilst Maria lives in Sussex with her musician husband.

First and foremost, we’re all big curry fanatics – it’s our national dish, after all – and, most importantly, we’ve been big fans of The Spice of Life since Margaret discovered Easy Peasy curries all those years ago and did what any true friend would do – recommended them to her best friend.

It’s our mission to provide our fellow curry fans with the means to cook the food we crave using fresh, authentic spices and to make it as easy as possible.

  Maria & Maggie

We prefer a broader definition of the word authentic, one that reflects the influences of a changing world. Most of the ethnic recipes on our Web Site reflect what is being cooked today, not necessarily what was prepared in the ancient past. Our assurance is that our recipes taste good. In some cases, the recipes are traditional; in others, they are contemporary, but in all cases they will be authentic – meaning, as in the dictionary, reliable and genuine