NEW Durban Curry at Special Launch Price

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Durban curry
Durban curry

Roll up, roll up, forget the Apple iPhone 7, here’s  your chance to get your mitts on our brand new launch Durban curry at half price.  We had intended to run this promotion until the end of October, but our website was compromised and unavailable for a few days so we’re extending the offer until November 15.

The Durban is a hot one and contains pretty much everything but the kitchen sink – well, not literally, but it IS quite a mixture.  You’ll get a hefty 30 gram of spice blend PLUS whole spices including cloves, curry leaves, bay leaf and cinnamon stick.

We had some help developing this from an actual, genuine, Durbanite – Maria’s brother-in-law, Andrew.  He was forced to test out several versions until he gave his approval to the one we now present for your delectation.

Give it a go – seriously, for £1, we’re practically paying YOU to try it.

(NB:  maximum 3 curries per customer at the special launch price)