Health Benefits of turmeric

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Health Benefits of turmeric

health benefits of turmeric











































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Health Benefits of turmeric. We mostly know turmeric as a bright yellow spice, a staple curry ingredient but, lately, a great deal has been written about its wonderful health benefits, which are many. Turmeric thrives in a humid climate and grows wild in south Asia where it’s been used in cooking for hundreds of years. In its unprocessed form it is a root, similar to ginger. Like ginger, the root gets dried and ground into powder so it can be used as a spice. Getting the health benefits from any foods depends on the body’s ability to absorb the food it is given. In someone with digestion problems, this ability may be impaired. Therefore, many studies show that turmeric is much more effective when used as a spice in food. This is because circumin is fat-soluble so consuming the spice with healthy, natural fats enables the body to absorb it more readily.

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