• Vindaloo
    Vindaloo Introduced by the Portuguese as a way of flavouring the meat they had preserved in wine, vindaloo has made it to the top ten curry dishes and normally is seen as the dish very drunk or very brave people have in the curry house.This is our version of this curry, although primarily for meat this recipe can be adapted for chicken and also vegetarian tastes.The combination of spices make this a dish full of flavour not just mouth burning hot.
  • Tikka Masala
    Tikka Masala The subtle flavour of lemon and coriander only adds to the exquisite taste of this very well known dish.This curry requires 3 hours to marinade but is quick to cook after that.
  • Rogan Josh
    Rogan Josh Rogan Josh uses a large quantity of spices and so, as you would expect, it is full of delicious mouthwatering flavours. This is our version of this most delicious meal.Lots of sauce based on tomatoes with added fresh cream and coriander to enhance the flavour even further.
  • Madras
    Madras This curry is named after Madras the major city in Southern India.The people there eat very hot & spicy food and this is our version of a hot but deliciously vibrant curry
  • Korma
    Korma The onions and garlic are finely reduced to a puree with a blender or liquidiser to create a smooth sauce. Serve with saffron rice for real opulence.
  • Dopiaza
    Dopiaza In this recipe the first onion is chopped and then whizzed in a blender to make a lovely base for the sauce and the second onion is sliced and added almost at the end of cooking so that it remains crunchy. This is a very easy to prepare and delectable but not overly spicy dish.
  • Balti
    Balti Balti curries are characterised by their fresh and exciting flavours. Our version is a deliciously medium flavoured dish with the tang of fresh tomatoes and green chillies. You can add more chopped fresh chillies to give it a bite if you prefer
  • Bhoona
    Bhoona The blend of flavours from the spices in this curry combined with the creaminess of the coconut creates a tantalizingly tasty,mild dish for the novice to Indian food to appreciate.

Curry Spice Packs for sale here in the UK where curry is our National Dish!


Imagine being able to impress your friends and family with a delicious and authentic curry to rival those served in the very best restaurants...

With our Easy Peasy Curry packs we have made it easy (peasy) for you to cook an authentic curry in a hurry. You need no cooking skills and it requires no unusual ingredients. So why not ditch the "fast food" and make your own fresh, fast food easily. We promise you will be delighted with the results when you give us a try...

We offer all your favourites from creamy Korma to fiery Vindaloo. We have side dishes including Chick Pea Dahl, Saag Aloo & Bombay Potato.  We even offer a Kidz Kurry to get the little rascals used to eating the same foods that you eat. In fact, why not get the kids involved? One of our customers tells us our recipes are so easy to follow that her 13 year old often does the cooking!
Simply add the fresh, everyday ingredients as instructed on the included shopping list to create your own delicious dish.

Next time you're in the supermarket, check the ingredients listed on jars of curry sauce and packs of mixes. Prepare to be shocked when you note the sugars & preservatives you're paying for, then come back to  Easy Peasy Curry where you'll find:

NO artificial flavourings
Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians
NO preservatives
NO artificial colourings
NO Gluten
NO microwave needed
NO hard-to-find ingredients

Just fresh, tasty spices blended to enable you to make the perfect curry of your choice

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